Dialysis and holidays

Dialysis patient? You can still enjoy your holidays in Brabant.

Máxima Medical Centre offers holiday dialysis in the Eindhoven region: from now on you can enjoy your stay in Brabant’s most beautifful holiday regions De Peel and De Kempen despite your dependence of dialysis. Máxima Medical Centre offers the unique new service in the region. Dialysis can both be offered at the Eindhoven location of our hospital.

Where should you think of when making an appointment?

Holiday dialysis can be offered at both the Eindhoven location of Maxima Medical Centra. Planning your dialysis we will keep your place of stay into account. You should organize your transport to and from the hospital yourself.

What time can dialysis take place?

Both locations are open six days a week.
The location and time of dialysis treatment will be done as far as possible in consultation with you.


If you provide us with your health insureance details we will send your check to your health Insurance directly.


We will of course take care of your medical condition. Hospitallity comes first at Máxima Medical Centre. You should be a relatively stable patient who can go through dialysis normally. You should have good accessability to your veins.  

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